Saturday, March 17, 2012

LOI attendance week 3

   Cork City F.C. had the defending Champions coming to Turners Cross. IT does not get any better than this. Cork City F.C. now has the top attendance this year with 4,324. It is a credit to Cork's faithful and how they support their team

Sligo Rovers F.C also turned in over 2,500. This was a good turn out and it was against one of the most famous LOI clubs (Bohemians)

Shelbourne is back in the Premier League and they were palying top ranked Derry City. Only 1,251 turned out at Tolka Park. This is below the 2011 average (1,613). All the Dublin famous clubs will have to do better. This was a disappointment

UDC the students never had a following and playing Bray only 376 showed.

What is upsetting is St. Patrick's nor Dhrogheda have attendance figures. This is pathetic. How are we to

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week 2 attendance

Week 2 Attendance. 

Well week 2 is in the books. There was a hopeful sign that Cork City F.C. faithful would again come out to support their club. Their fans again turns out at turners Cross. 2 Dublin locations and Sligo also help boost the average. Dundalk missed the target and Bray really hurt.
Cork City F.C. led the league in attendance 5 of 6 years the last time they were in the top division. Cork City F.C. had already lost to the students. This was Citys first home game and the crowds came back. 3,912 was a smashing success for attendance. Cork City F. C. may not have the best team but they have the most support. The league needs Cork and their fans, they add interest and show great support to make the league grow.
The 2nd top attendance was the Shamrock Rovers faithful at Tallagh Stadium. The Rovers places 2,950 in the stands. This is well above the desired average (1,613) however is was under their 2011 average. Not only do the Hoops have to play well domestically and internationally, they have to continue to carry the league in attendance. Their average last year was over 3,900 and they need to continue that pace.
Bohemians F.C. had a great turn out at their home field. It should have been a great turnout. Bohemians F.C. and Shelbourne (both NorthernDublin clubs) have a great rivalry. Shelbourne has not been in the Premier division for 5 years. This is the beginning of the season. I am happy with this turn out since it is well above the desired average. Bohemians F.C. will have the other Dublin derbies however the Shell’s have been their top arch rival recently.
Sligo Rovers place over 2,000 in attendance playing the students. This figure meets the desired average and we are hoping Sligo fans will increase with increased competition. I was hoping Sligo could again field a great team, stay competitive and increase attendance…maybe that is to much to ask.
Dundalk, the Lillywhites were under the desired average of 2,000 however not that much.
Bray Wanders were a pitiful 300 in attendance. This is only the second week and this figure really will hurt the league. Bray Wanders were playing a top club in Derry owever only 300 showed. It will seem Bray ad the students will be a big drag on the leagues attendance.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

League of Ireland attendance week 1 2012

League of Ireland (Republic of Ireland) attendance

Avg Att

          Well the first week of the season is in the books. The average attendance last year was 1,613. So anything over the average will be considered a good thing. We will start with the leaders of the weekend. Derry City hosted Bohemians F.C at the Brandywell. The attendance here is only an estimate but we have no other data to analyze. The estimate came in at a whopping 3,500. This figure was about double 4 other fixtures of the Premier leagues first week. Hat’s off to the faithful of Derry of supporting their club against one of the big Dublin clubs.
          The second best attendance was in North Dublin club Shelbourne. Shelbourne fans are more than happy to be playing in the Premier League. They have the second most League of Ireland (Republic of Ireland)  championships behind the Hoops.Shelbourne lost to Sligo Rovers in the Football Association of Ireland (Rep of Ireland) Cup final last year on penalties. Sligo also placed second behind Shamrock in the Premier Division. This was a good team coming to Tolka park and 1,918 showed their support. This is a great attendance for Shelbourne since their supporters have disapated after 5 season of lingering in the First Division. However I am disappointed that this attendance figure was under 2,000. I was hoping all the big Dublin Clubs could outpace the average by a big margin.
Monagham United hosted Dundalk. The attendance of 1,500 trailed the 2011 average 1,613 however they were not far behind. I was hoping for anything close and 1,500 I think is great for this club.
St Partick's Athletic 1 hosted Brady Wanders 0. St Patrick attendance is usually on average with the league. I say that St Patrick Athletic has to be above the average. Why…well they are a Dublin Club. They have the easier travel schedule. They have the 3 other Dublin Derbies. They have the history of League of Ireland (Republic of Ireland) championships. St Pat’s attendance was 1,474
UCD hosted Cork City. The students are usually at the bottom with attendance year after year. This year should be the same. Only a paltry 698 fans showed for the students. They did beat First Division Champion Cork City which was a surprise to me.
St Patrick’s
Derry City
Monaghan U
 Week 1 Avg

          Week 1 average is 1773.8. Week 1 I am looking at a success since it is above the 2011 Average. This week had the best attendance club missing (Hoops) and the worst (Students) in this average. Derry City was the club that excelled here. Their average was only an estimate.