Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shamrock Rovers again crush their opponents on the field and in the stands

  Well week 5 is in the books and the Shamrock Rovers F.C. have the best atttended games in the league. Cork City F.C. again put up great numbers and these 2 clubs are 1&2 with total attendance.
  Lets not forget Derry City is very close and they only have had 2 home matches. These 3 clubs are your top 3 attendance getters. What are they doing to bring their fans in.

Well there are the only 3 clubs in the Premier LEague that have been bought out by their fans. Their fans have taken over their respective clubs and there has been a dramatic difference in attendance. Why you ask well fan participation.

Each supporters group now has a personal skeak in their club. They discuss and banter all week as to who who play for their club. How to make the club better, how to get more people involved in the club. Instead of one manager or owner pulling all the strings the decisions are now put forthe to the supporters themselves. (not directly but much more now)P

These supporters are the key to having the league of Ireland grow. There is no doubt that the 3 supports owned clubs are the top attendance games.