Thursday, July 19, 2012

Limerick F.C. is about to submitt plans for a new stadium....but

the local political leaders are upset. The local leaders are saying that Limerick F.C. has not contacted them on any plabs about the new stadium. Well I ask, what did the local leaders contact Limerick F.C.

As we can tell the LOI clubs do not have much money. This to me is a business trying to operate or get started. The local leaders want this business to build them a community center. I say let the political leaders build this community center. These so called politicians could hold up the entire process and thus preventing Limerick from joining the Premier Division (if the win the First division) because of inadequate facilities.

Well above is a pic of the redeveloped stadium

Markets Field, Limerick
 This will be one of the biggest LOI stadiums with seating capacity of 8,100. The home side would run the length of the pitch and have about 3,000 seats. The stadium will also have the popular shed stands behind each goal which is a very populat place to watch a game.

Hopefully arrangements can be made here