Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick Athletic F.C. vs Shamrock Rovers F.C in Boston/New York

    There is alway a big celebration of the Irish heritage in America. Boston and New York has the biggest Irish immigration. The majority of Irish-American Heritage is in the North east particularly  Boston and New York. Well we are always looking to show our Irish spirit and what better way to celebrate it that watching clubs from Ireland play on St. Patricks Day. Since there is no top class stadium in Boston yet..I was thinking that the game could be held in New York. Red Bull stadium would be ideal for this game.

so I was thinking....wouldn't it be great to have the name sake of St. Patrick's Athletic F.C play the most popular Irish team your Shamrock Rovers in Red Bull Stadium. The game would have to count as a league game of course.

 I believe the game itself would offset any cost the teams would incur if we could get a full house on St. Patrick's Day. The right marketing could promote the game as an Irish celebration I believe this could be a big success in promoting the League..

This could promote the clubs here in America. The League of Ireland needs all the exposure it can get.