Saturday, December 13, 2014

Premier Division 
No.ClubAverageGamesvs '13Highest
1Cork City FC3.8411295,4%5.676
2Shamrock Rovers FC2.59112-7,0%4.600
3Sligo Rovers FC2.34112-0,1%3.481
4Dundalk FC2.2871215,9%3.364
5Bohemians FC Dublin1.611130,1%3.403
6St. Patrick's Athletic FC1.37812-17,0%3.200
7Derry City FC1.28912-13,6%3.298
8Drogheda United FC1.1221232,4%2.045
9Limerick FC81312-48,3%1.307
10Bray Wanderers AFC78312-8,9%3.320
11Athlone Town FC65412-13,1%1.793
12UCD Dublin AFC44512-8,6%885

  The Premier Division has been stuck at the average attendance of 1,600 (roughly) for the last 5 years (2010 - 2014). Hopefully this year things will show an improvement at the gates and the league starts growing again. 

The students have had the least supporters almost every year for the last 5 years with only about 500 attendance. They were relegated to the First Division to make way for Galway United. Galway is a City that the league needs a Premier club. Galway is a Big city and had an average of 1,000 attendance last year. This is double the students. 

      The Top clubs
Cork City is a model club. They are owner by their supporters. They play in Turners Cross which is one of the best venue to experience a game. They have always had a great attendance. Last year they were in the running until the last game of the season. This attributed to the 3,841 average attendance which blew every other club away.

Shamrock Rovers played all year trying to gain that valuable 2 Europe League spots. The hoops placed 4th and qualified since the Saints won the FAI Cup. This is one club that could advance a round or two and make some noise and money in the Europa League. The Rovers have lad the league in attendance since 2009 then the built the new Tallaght Stadium. The Rovers have been way over the league avg (over 3,000) except for this year 2,500. This is concerning but much better than everyone else.

Sligo Rovers have a great model to follow. Sligo is a small city however the entire town get behind this club. They have a good training culture having most players live close by in facilities. This creates a great bond within the club. They do not have one big business investor but many small community investors. The have been building their stadium one stand at a time. The build when there is a need and have one of the nicest facilities in the league. The have been over 2,000 since 2010.

IrelandAverageBest clubAverage
20131.564Shamrock Rovers FC2.787
20121.645Shamrock Rovers FC3.022
20111.613Shamrock Rovers FC3.864
20101.612Shamrock Rovers FC3.918
20092.043Shamrock Rovers FC3.342
20081.796Cork City FC3.267
20071.715Cork City FC3.350
20061.548Derry City FC3.200
20051.759Cork City FC3.641
20041.863Cork City FC4.033
20032.338Cork City FC4.147
20011.709Bohemians FC Dublin2.705
20001.816Cork City FC3.187
The second tier make up what i call the league average.