Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dublin United, Dublin City F.C., Rangers, Celtic F.C and Belfast United

Add Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland tot he English Premier League
   AS I look at the League of Ireland for the last 6 years i take a big breath and sigh. The League is stuck in neutral. Sky sports powerful marketing influence invades every home of England, Scotland, Ireland and our cousins in Northern Ireland. My wish here is to have the game grow in Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The problem is the marketing, the talent and the interest in the English Premier League. The other league suffer tremendously because of the proximity and the interlocking economy and similarities of the islands.

The League of Ireland, Scottish Premier League, Wales Premier League and Northern Irish Premier League suffer.

Scotland attendance in 2014 was only    8,865.
Rep of Ireland in 2014 was a 1,559
Northern Ireland was only 887
Wales in hovering on extinction at 325

Well here is my suggestion.  If you can't beat them join them. Wales has Swansea City playing in the Premier League. Swansea averages 20,407 in the 2013-14 season. Liberty Stadium only holds 20,827 so you could say they were close to a sell out almost every game.

Now Lets Say Rangers and Celtic also competed in the Premier League. They already have the attendance and the stadiums.
There has been talk of this already. Maybe another club could win the Scottish Title.

Now here is the big move. Lets say we get someone to start Dublin United to play in Aviva Stadium. I would say the stadium of 50,000 would be close to capacity the first year. The FAI needs games in the stadium to pay of the debt of building it. Extra money could be filtered down to the league to make the League of Ireland grow. If this works there could English Premier game in the aviva Stadium every weekend. Ireland could double it's profits by adding Dublin City F.C or a second club to compete in the top league.
Aviva Stadium sits empty while there is a great demand for it.

Northern Ireland could add Belfast Uniter to play in the newly remodeled Windsor Park.

The whole idea of adding clubs to play in the English Premier league is because all these leagues can not grow because of the English Premier League. The EPL is just to big, and powerful for these particular league to compete against.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

League of Ireland Europa League 2015-16

League of Ireland Club Co-efficient

Well it is never to soon to look ahead to discuss the League of Ireland clubs and their impending Europa League  matches. The draw is very important as to the success to our league clubs. The big date is June 22, 2015 which is the draw and out league clubs find out who they are playing and where they have to travel to. The hope is they get the easiest draw and win easily.

   The clubs that will be Representing the League are your Shamrock Rovers, St Patrick's Athletic and Cork City F.C. We all want our league clubs to do well and win. Win provides the club with badly needed money with each round they play in. The further they progress the more money they will make. To bad there wasn't some type of revenue sharing with other clubs in the league to keep things competitive. Below is the payout for each round.

  • First qualifying round: €120,000
  • Second qualifying round: €130,000
  • Third qualifying round: €140,000
  • Play-off round elimination: €150,000
  • Base fee for group stage: €1,300,000

  • If 2014 is any indication then each club that wins and advances will earn 120,000. uefa-europa-league-prize-money. So lets say Cork City F.C draws a club from Wales would be ideal. First Cork City should be favorite to win. Then there is the lower travel cost and the toll on the team would be minimal. There would also be interest in the stories about the 2 leagues and 2 clubs. Cork City F.C. supporters (who are the owners) would be thrilled. Winning this would get them to the second qualifying round and 130,000.

    Now lets say the Saints draw a very difficult Serbia, Slovenia or Polish club and lose in the first round. The saints will only get 120,000 for they yearly expenses. They will miss out on another 130,000 from the second round.

    Now here is the fun part. Lets pretend your Shamrock Rovers get past the first and second round and get to the third round. This would give the hoops 120,130 and 140 for a total of 390,000 in revenue. This cash wind fall could pay for their entire player budget for the season.
    League of Ireland Budgets 2015