Sunday, July 26, 2015

UEFA World Cup draw

The Republic of Ireland did not draw perennial powers Germany, Netherlands or Spain for the top seed. They drew Wales right across the Irish sea. This derby will attract a lot of local media attention with their World Class star, Gareth Bale. Wales is not usually a top seed and Ireland will take them.

The second seed was Austria, Austria is a lot better draw than France, Italy or Switzerland. Austria was the second ranked nation in this pot but not a bad draw. 

The seed from pot 3 was a low seed in 43rd ranked Serbia. Serbia always produces a good team.Ireland avoided Ukraine, Scotland, Poland, Hungry and Sweden, 

Moldova and Georgia round out this group.

The good thing is teams can take points from each other. 

Northern Ireland was draw into group C. Our northern cousins now have to play Germany, a foe we are oh so familiar with. Northern Ireland has a very difficult draw in Germany Czech Rep and Norway to get by

Group F is where both England and Scotland landed. They will compete with the S countries of Slovakia and Slovenia. Lithuania and Malta round out the group. England and Scotland were also drawn in same group.

What Ireland could be grateful for is not being the Group A or Group G. Group A has Netherlands, France and Sweden from the 1st 3 pots while Spain, Italy and Albania were the first 3 from this group.